Hello There!

I’m a Product & visual designer (UX/UI) who loves digital challenges and a hot cup of coffee at morning

Most of the time I’m looking for visual metaphors or concepts to bring through my work, taking place in somewhere between aesthetic and meaningful beauty.
A fan of Science fiction stories, Russian literature and any kind of technology.


I know this is not a regular part in most design profiles, but to be honest, I can’t consider any kind of visual task without a conceptual background or what I like to call a mind perspective.

…So here is the list:

_There is NO decoration related to any visual UI or brand assignment, the fact is that the beauty, visual consistency, or logical symmetry encourage any cognitive process of communication…in other words from a product point of view the Aesthetic and the visual design are crucial stages.

_ In the UX field the word “Trend” is not a concept is a collective superstition

_As a product designer If you think in methodology, efficiency, business plan, revenues and users you may create a good product but if you think in aesthetic, perception, behavior and human being you will have the chance to create a new digital paradigm.

_When you work with images as meanings’ containers (it means all the time) never forget which is one of the most efficiency meaning’s container the mankind had created; the word.

_Improving the brand goodwill in a digital product means take care of the first brand’s showcase every user will find; the UI by itself.

_The only true fact in UX beyond any question is the one which came from a empirical source.

_Never underestimate the ongoing details, the final successful result is just a physical accumulation of small hits under the production path.

_Design is not a task or production step is a mindset; a thinking structure that could make the life better.



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